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1 bottle equals 10 liter

Oxy Foam Prime

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Derived from natural and 100% organic ingredients, the UNIQ Oxy Foam has the same disinfectant effects as 80% alcohol, without drying out the skin. By adding Jojoba-oil with a wonderful mixture of natural antioxidants, Vitamin E and important fatty acids, hand moisture balance is regulated leaving the skin feeling hydrated.

This UNIQ hand sanitizer, supplied in small bottles containing the powder mix, becomes activated when mixed with the right amount of water. No towels or water needed!

1 bottle contains powder for a total of 10 liters of hand sanitizer, including a scoop for the perfect dose per unit. The Dispenser Prime’s jerry can contains a total of 1 liter sanitizer per unit, which means you’ll be able to refill for 10 times.
Oxy Foam is
99,99999999% disinfecting
100% organic (Ecolabel)
Skin friendly and pH neutral
Vegan and Halal approved

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